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Tour Diary
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Got up and had a long slow morning of coffee and internet, then went and had a delicious breakfast at a Turkish place nearby. Heather and I went to a drum shop, where she got some rods for her Sonor drums which you canít buy in the US, so she was happy. Evelina and Daria went show shopping, and then met Heather and I down by the river where we sat and had a beer sitting on the grass in the sun. Life is good.

Back to the Cord Club for soundcheck, then across the street for an absolutely delicious dinner. Drank a Spanish red wine that blew my head off, delicious and full bodied and rich. We get ready in the van, the ladies getting dressed and giving me hair-care tips. I feel like an intruder posing as a gay model dresser.

The show that night was great. Nina and Red had decorated the club with all kinds of flashing lights and colorful glowing things, and we played in a room surrounded by windows overlooking the cars and people of the avenue. We had a totally rocking show, though the crowd was sparse. Lo and behold, we had fans there who had been coming to see us since our first show in Munich, and who had already bought all of our cds, including the mustachioed man who told me the last time we were in Mucinch that "not a day goes by that I donít listen to Melomane." Wow. Eveline and Heather are both completely nailing their parts and starting to own the songs, we are becoming a hot little unit. It feels so good to be on stage with three talented and gorgeous women, I am the luckiest man alive.

Achim, my old friend who came to visit me in New York, is at the show, and we catch up on life. Then he leaves and the Karaoke begins, hosted by Nina. Highlights include Daria and Heather singing "Donít You Want me Baby," a rousing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Nina and her friend, Red singing a New Order hit, and I busted out "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake, at the end of which Daria jumped up on stage and started singing "I Was Robbed By Two Men." Hilarious! Packed up the van, then we went on to some local strip clubs. Walking in as a man with three hot ladies caused a bit of a commotion.