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Tour Diary
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ghastly horrible creatures eat

Day off in Nurnberg. We say goodbye to our sweet hostess Moe, who gives us a cd of her Christian rap band, Verbales Design, which we listen to in the van.

We walk around the beautiful center of the city, with the warm spring sun shining on the river and the birds singing. We have dinner at a restaurant by the side of the river, salad, gratin noodles, and a delicious rose wine. As we are walking back to the van, we see the most bizarre statue in the middle of town. It is a depiction of all of the trials and terrors of marriage, including the most gruesome scenes of couples fighting and clawing at each other, children cryin, ghastly horrible creatures eating people, and a fat woman stuffing herself with food. It alos has a poen engraved on a large heart, written in the 1500ís, which details the realities and disappointments of marriage. Craaaaaazy.

We drive to Munich and arrive at the home of Red and Nina at about 11. We have a glass of wine with them and watch some funny videos on YouTube, including the Japanese Casio drum solo promo, and "I Was Robbed by Two Men, " which will become our new tour theme song.