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Get Melomane's new six-song, disaster-themed EP, "Look Out!" It was recorded in France and New York. The song Allumette features a guest-vocal appearance in French by Eleni Mandell and drums by Heather Wagner. It's available on Vermillion Records cdbaby, and iTunes.

The song 15 Steps, from Melomane's outstanding first album RESOLVO is now being used as the theme song for the HBO series Real Sex. Drop us an email if you see it, and remember, Jon Bon Jovi and Lorenzo Lamas both took that vow...

The members of Melomane are busy doing other projects. Pierre is working on his BAD REPUTATION/a>, his Georges Brassens translation project. He is making an album of the songs of the seminal French singer-songwriter Georges Brassens, translated and sung in English. His band THE SNOW recently released their second album, I Die Every Night.
Drummer Kenny Savelson continues to work many fronts writing and producing music. Two current projects include the debut recording of a new rock trio THE DROVES and a collaboration for summer 2009 that will include Steve Reich and Kraftwerk!
Bassist/singer Daria Grace has been very active with THE JACK GRACE BAND and THE PREWAR PONIES.
Keyboardist Quentin Jennings has been recording and mixing various bands (Kerry Kennedy Band, Lucinda Black Bear), as well as playing with many bands in clubs all over New York.
Cellist FRANK HEER is thinking of joining a band called The Zurich Uptown Rednecks. And he occasionally rocks out with C. Gibbs: C GIBBS.
Eveline Feldmann continues to make art and play trombone in a Cuban band.

The documentary Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox, with a score composed by Pierre de Gaillande and music by Melomane, is now out on DVD. Go to the Dr. Bronner Film Website for details.

MELOMANE is on NPR! Read a review of Hilarious on NPR's SECOND STAGE.

Read all about our adventures in April in Switzerland and Germany in our European Tour Diary!

Get Melomane's music from VERMILLION MUSIC, CDBABY.COM or ITUNES.
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