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reviewed by:Village Voice -

As leader of the six-piece 'chamber pop' band Melomane (French for 'lover of melody,' roughly), musical wunderkind Pierre de Gaillande has a certain way of handling musicians who forget to play their parts during rehearsal...
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reviewed by:Village Voice -

Fans of pop served with a heavy skewering of experimental quirk should line up for this one. Melomane, a six-piece 'chamber-pop' band featuring orchestral instrumentation infuse their stylized music with a heart and substance too often lacking in the genre. Sugar Ray rewrote Men at Work's great insomnia-and-masturbation-and-ghosts-appearing-and-fading-away ballad 'Overkill' a few years ago into a hit called 'Someday'; these coed local art-popsters skip the middleman and just plain cover the damn thing. Their ofttimes Latin-lilted and Wurlitzer/trumpet/cello-spiked originals, located somewhere near the wispy four-way intersection of 10cc, Duran Duran, Joe Jackson and Wings, (will) impress many a quirk fan.- Chuck Eddy

reviewed by:All Music Guide -

It's not difficult to love Melomane. You'll love songs that feature on the vibes live-from-the-tiki-lounge chord progressions played at slinky tempos. You'll love tracks that are arranged deliberately, yet played with an amiable looseness and allowed to amble forward like Lou Barlow singing a Tindersticks song. You'll love the male/female vocals, the emotionally charged cello parts, the honey-toned, minimal guitar figures and lyrics such as, 'You fell asleep with a beautiful smile on your face / Under weeping vines on a pauper's grave.' But the Melomane are at their best when most tender and relaxed; the six musicians play lovely, understated, articulate melody/harmony lines. This sort of spaciousness keeps the mix from sounding crowded and protects important song elements from becoming overshadowed by trigger-happy players.

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(Resolvo was one of the website's top 10 albums of 2000) One line sums up why I like these songs so much: 'I'm just a modern day Dean and Gene Ween on the rock and roll trail.' And that accurately summarizes (this recording.) ... These songs search for deeper transcendental meaning in music - the kind of meaning that Pavement and Yo La Tengo, among other bands, have tried to find in the wilds of three chords and red guitars - and stamp out stylistic chalk lines with their feet along the way. - Stephen Puckett

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Melomane is led by a Paris-born San Diego-raised gentleman named Pierre de Gaillande. Gaillande and company present a thoroughly mature and compelling batch of progressive pop tunes on Resolvo. The tunes feature wonderfully winding melodies...and Gaillande's utterly fantastic vocals carry the music to a heavenly level. This fellow's tunes are difficult to describe...and we can think of few comparisons to adequately explain what it sounds like. We played this CD over and over and over and over...and it just keeps getting BETTER with each and every listen. That is the mark of a truly credible collection of tunes...repeatability. The band incorporates guitars, synthesizers, keyboards, and more into a cool progressive soft pop sound that is almost impossible to dislike. Particular favorites include 'Fireflies,' 'All the Northern Birds,' 'Lazy Southern Song,' and the unbelievable beautiful 'Stay Awake.' This is a truly satisfying album. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Rating: 5+++)